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MO Lawmakers Trying To Stop St Louis Wage Hike

Republican lawmakers are hoping to fast-track legislation that would pre-empt a St. Louis ordinance raising the city’s minimum wage.

fast food workers strike Upward Mobility
St. Paul, Minnesota
April 14, 2016
On April 14, fast food workers around the USA walked out on strike. Protesters gathered outside the McDonald’s restaurant at University Avenue and Marion Street in St. Paul and called for a $15 per hour minimum wage, paid sick days, and union rights. Within the last year, the cities of Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York have raised the minimum wage to $15 per hour.
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(KRCG TV) – On Monday, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay came to the Capitol to speak against the proposal, which would prohibit any city or county from raising its minimum wage.

The legislation was filed last week in response to a Missouri Supreme Court ruling upholding the city’s law raising the minimum wage from $7.70 to $10 an hour.

Current law said cities weren’t allowed to raise their minimum wages after Aug. 28, 2015 — the day the St. Louis ordinance was set to take effect.

The St. Louis law was put on hold in November 2015 when a circuit judge struck down the ordinance. The Supreme Court overturned that decision last week.