Nikki Haley Human Rights

State-Terrorism Supporter Lectures About Human Rights

America indisputably is the world’s leading human rights abuser – a rogue state masquerading as democratic Its endless wars of aggression speak for themselves. So do its homeland police state laws, targeting designated enemies of…

Guradian Ukrain Donbass Fake News

London Guardian Fake News on Ukraine

London’s Guardian reported things backwards, blaming Donbass victims for aggression committed against them, along with calling Russia “newly emboldened by the election of Donald Trump…” In late January, Ukrainian military forces escalated naked aggression on…

Putin Olympic Host caricature

Putin Announces Ceasefire in Syria

Designated terrorist groups are excluded. Combating them continues until Syria is free from their scourge. On December 29, Vladimir Putin said “(r)eports have just arrived that several hours ago there was a development that we…

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