Guradian Ukrain Donbass Fake News

London Guardian Fake News on Ukraine

London’s Guardian reported things backwards, blaming Donbass victims for aggression committed against them, along with calling Russia “newly emboldened by the election of Donald Trump…” In late January, Ukrainian military forces escalated naked aggression on…

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Putin Olympic Host caricature

Putin Announces Ceasefire in Syria

Designated terrorist groups are excluded. Combating them continues until Syria is free from their scourge. On December 29, Vladimir Putin said “(r)eports have just arrived that several hours ago there was a development that we…

EU Sinking Ship economy

The Demise of the EU

Most people behave like sheep in most situations. That’s a basic trait of mankind, in any culture, in any age. However, sudden change (in either events or public opinion) often sparks revolt. Certainly King George…

Scandinavian Ancestry

Arclein: Scandinavian Ancestry

This is worth commenting on. What needs to be understood is that pre Roman and Roman times saw scant agricultural development in the forests of Europe. That had to wait until the advent of the…

Lost Children of Aleppo

Hollow NYT Lament for Suffering Aleppo Children

Throughout years of conflict in Syria, Times reports consistently failed to explain Obama’s responsibility for waging naked aggression against a nonbelligerent nation – orchestrated by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. Instead it disgracefully blames…

Cannabis Hemp Marijuana

Cannabis Can Decontaminate the Planet

We are actually talking about hemp of course but this makes a better headline. The Russians have used several plants to clean soils around Chernobyl. Thus we are now getting extensive empirical data developed. The…

Colin Powell Emails

Leaked Colin Powell Emails

Reading them is a rare chance to be a so-called fly on the wall to remarks not meant for public airing. Below are a few Powell gems: In 2015, in less than so many words,…

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