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About YOJ

The Anti-Media
The Anti-Media

Ye Olde Journalist (YOJ) was founded in 2008 on the principle of shining the light of truth into the darkness. Those that do not want the truth to come out hate the light, and our job is to bring to light those things that are being kept hidden.  We are the anti-Media.

What do we mean by anti-Media and “using Olde standards” of journalism?

They mean simply that we are not bought and owned bey either corporate masters or by politicians. We seek not to put forth ideology, but rather, as in the immortal words of Joe Friday, “Just the facts”. We try our best to tell the whole story from both sides, but when those that do not want their story told refuse to speak to us, we still press on to inform the public.

We do this work for the love of it, not for the paycheck. Being not beholden to any master makes us more objective and willing to go where other editors will not send their reporters for fear of upsetting someone. We stand up to crookedness and deceit where ever we find it and desire simply for a world where all can live together in harmony.  YOJ a place where journalism is not a “Profession” but where we do this for the love of it – and not be beholden to and afraid of corporations who control the business with their money or politicians that control through regulation and fear.

Instead of trying to be a propaganda machine for a certain political or religious belief, here at YOJ we let ideas of all kinds be discussed.  We will ask the questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how for everything, and not just go off of some talking points memo.  And since we are not for sale, we strive to tell all sides of the story and let the reader decide what is going on instead of us programming the reader.

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We are all about touching lives in a positive way.

YOJ strives to help others.  In a world of suffering and hate, we want to extend love and loving kindness to everyone.  The staff here comes from varied backgrounds and places, and we each have our own unique areas of expertise and calling.  We are not about hate at all.  There is already enough hate in this world.  Each and every person on the face of this planet should be able to decide for themselves how they wish to live and what they choose to follow in regards to religion.

We are not trying to force anything on anyone.  But we are proud to point out things that far too many people purposely – or ignorantly – choose to distort and cover up because it does not suit their desires.  Everywhere you turn, whether it be Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other belief, there are plenty of falsehoods, lies, distortions, and hypocrisy to go around.

We are the voice of the people

We strive to tell the stories of life.  Not in some way that is difficult to understand, but in a way that the masses can understand.  We try very hard to listen to what people are talking and thinking about.  After all, each and everyone of us here at YOJ are humans as well, so we believe that all humans should be treated with dignity and respect.  For those who have been forgotten and cast aside, we want to be their voice and tell them that they are not forgotten.  If someone is happy, we want to celebrate that.  If someone is sad, we want to help out and make them better.  If you have a story to tell, we would love to tell it.  And most of all, we want you to know that we care about you.

At first, you may decide that we are just to “wacky” and out there for you.   But seriously take a look at what is posted and see if what we say is right or not.  Do not just dismiss us simply because it goes against what you believe or have been told.

To allow a lie to continue by staying silent is to be complacent in that lie.  To allow someone to mistreat others by not saying anything is to be complacent in that abuse. Who really is afraid of the light being shown on them and their words?  Only those who are not being truthful.