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Wes Goodman Anti-LGBT lawmaker

Anti-LGBT Lawmaker “Led A Secret Life As A Gay Man”

Republican Ohio state representative Wes Goodman stepped down Wednesday. He resigned after allegations surfaced of inappropriate behavior with another man in his state-funded office. The 33-year-old ran on a Conservative Christian platform and believes marriage should be between one man and one woman. No harassment complaints have been filed and it was said to be consensual. A conservative journalist alleged on Twitter that Goodman would solicit him for threesomes that included him and his wife. Three others have said Goodman sent lewd text messages to younger men when he worked on Capitol Hill. Goodman was also known to have had sex with men he met on Craigslist, it is claimed.


(DailyMail) – A married Ohio state lawmaker who has said he believes in a ‘natural marriage’ between a man and a woman allegedly sent salacious and lewd text messages to gay men, propositioned other young men for sex when he worked in Washington, DC, and tried to convince a fellow conservative to join him and his wife for threesomes.

Republican state Representative Wes Goodman, who resigned Wednesday amid allegations of inappropriate behavior with another man in his office, led a double life, it is claimed.

‘Wes Goodman, who was just caught having sex with a man in his office, begged me to have sex with him and/or his wife on several occasions while I went to school in Ohio,’ Caleb Hull, a conservative journalist, alleged on his Twitter account on Saturday.

In public, he was a family values conservative – a far cry from the behavior he allegedly displayed in private, according to Cleveland.com.

The website interviewed three people who say they knew Goodman during the time he worked in the capital.

Before being elected to the Ohio state legislature to represent Cardington, Goodman worked in Washington as an aide to Rep. Jim Jordan, one of the most conservative politicians in the country.

Goodman also worked for the Conservative Action Project, an organization made up of economic, social and national security conservatives.

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