Natural Health


Microdosing Aspects

The peanut sized measure for mushrooms surely is around one gram at least. In the meantime, this comment is useful as it introduces an effect that I was not aware of. I find it intriguing…

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Ayahuasca altar

Are You Ready For Ayahuasca?

Ah Yes. That little detail. You really must be prepared. That means daily meditation and that includes contemplative meditation as well I suspect. In the end you must be able to watch your instincts over react…

Baking Soda And Lemon Juice

We have been posting on this for a long time and this item goes far in describing the science involved. It certainly appears to be an excellent strategy for the prevention of cancer. Support for…

Bed Bugs

A Sweet Smelling Bed Bugs Control Option

This is a promising development as synthetic pheromones can be used and a trap that inoculates daily could be best practice. Set even at the base boards may be good enough. Without question we need…

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