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Jonathan Pollard Freed

Jonathan Pollard’s Released Welcomed by Rabbi David Lau

The Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau, on Friday welcomed the release of Jonathan Pollard.

“After decades of prayers and actions for the release, we are thrilled with all of Israel to reach this day in which our brother Jonathan is going free,” the Chief Rabbi said, adding he wishes Pollard many years of happiness with his wife Esther and other family members and friends who fought for years for the release.

Jonathan Pollard says he can’t comment on his release from prison.

Pollard served 30 years for selling intelligence secrets to Israel. His release caps an extraordinary espionage case that complicated American-Israeli relations for three decades.

The 61-year-old checked in at a federal probation office in New York City on Friday morning, following his release from a prison North Carolina. He was accompanied by his wife, Esther. He had to maneuver through a throng of reporters, photographers and onlookers.

He was wearing a blue yarmulke, loose khakis and a blue Oxford shirt. He left in a waiting SUV.

According to court papers, he will be working at a financial firm in the city.

Source: Israel National News and The Advocate